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How to fish for Bonita / Bonito

How to Fish for Flounder

How to Catch Sea Mullet and Rig Sand Fleas

How To Fish with fiddler crabs and urchins for Sheepshead

(NOTE We no longer sell urchins)

How to modify a Mirrolure

How To Spot a Slough

How to Clean a Puffer Fish

How To Fix a Rod Eye

How To Make A Carolina Rig

PR Knot and Grouper Jigging

Tying the Double Uni-Knot

How To Rig Bridles and Planers

How To Build Shark Rigs

4 Knots for Braid to Mono

Slip Bobber Rigging

How-To Videos

Seminar with Capt. Allen Jernigan. Topwater Reds and Specks.

How to Tie the Bimini Twist

Baiting and Castnetting Shrimp

King Mackerel Seminar with Chuck Johnson

Wahoo with Capt. Marc Hairston

Fishing access areas on Topsail